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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Department at AIM Engineering provides reliable & professional electrical services with top-notch electrical products and quality workmanship. We do but not limited to, the rewinding and overhauling, power failure & recovery of electrical switchboards, and troubleshooting services. Some of our Electrical Services listed below:


Our products are flexible in terms of design and maintenance and can be easily installed, and altered according to customer’s requirements. Our switchgear panel box is steel fabricatetotally enclose for indoor and outdoor applications.  All Panels are electrostatically powder-coated can endure local weather and suitable for both floor and wall-mounted applications, accessible like IEC BSS or VDS and IPX protections. Ready-to-Made design available Technical literature and final test reports are provided to our valued customers.  


  • High Degree operator Safety. 
  • Front or rear accessibility 
  • Low Manufacturing cost. 
  • Branch circuit assembling up to 4000 breakers 
  • Load break switch or fuse isolators 
  • Extendable variety with centralized control 
  • Easy replacement of components. 
  • The Size of load take off panels are in compliance with generator panels specification & control 


  • Motor control panels are specially designed for large installations such as sugar mills, cement plants, Textile Mills, HVAC applications, pump,s and other motor-driven applications. 
  • Cubical construction of panel let you extend MCC’s 
  • Easy installation of VFDs, soft starters & inverters. 


  • Bus Tie Duct & Bus chamber is designed up to 4000A to meet the required voltage, ampere & fault level ratings. Specially designed using air insulator Non-Segregated. 
  • Copper Bus bars are sized with IEC temperature rise limits 
  • Provision for expansion 
  • Adequate Supports 
  • The enclosure is made of steel sheet & self-ventilation system. 

PFI PANEL          

  • High reliability & overload capacity. 
  • Capacitors from a renowned company 
  • Harmonic capacity load tolerance. 
  • Adequately rated ACB’s, Contactors & HRC Fuse. 
  • AUTO/Manual operations 
  • High Protection degree according to international standard. 
  • Completely safe from weather effects. 
  • Future provision incorporated. 


  • Mild Steel Perforated. 
  • Hot Dip Galvanized 
  • Solid Bottom 
  • Pre-Galvanized Sheets Perforated 
  • Mild Steel Painted (Anti Corrosion) 
  • Aluminum Perforated cable trays 
  • Special Supporting systems 
  • Cable trunking 
  • Cable ladders 


  • Elbows. 
  • Horizontal Tee. 
  • Horizontal Cross 
  • Reducers 
  • Covers 
  • Inside & Outside Risers 
  • Couplers 


  • Solid Top Covers. 
  • Louvered top covers. 
  • L-Type Separators. 
  • Z-Type Separators. 
  • Slotted Capsuled Channel 
  • Solid Channel 

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